Ziggler’s WWE Status, Roddy Piper’s Legend’s Deal Dropped?

Dolph Ziggler contract

Dolph Ziggler Not Yet Re-Signed?

It’s not yet clear if Dolph Ziggler has re-signed with WWE as he’s given conflicting reports to the media. This means the latest storyline of him being injured and out “indefinitely” carries a little more weight than we might expect.

All we know is that his contract is up soon and they have been negotiating.

So in theory the storlyline gives them an out if he decides not to stick around.

WWE Cancels Roddy Piper’s Legend’s Deal?

According to Ric Flair on his own new podcast, WWE have released Roddy Piper from his Legend’s Contract following the recent controversy with Steve Austin.

As previously noted Austin had an episode of Piper’s podcast removed from Podcast One because it featured comedian Will Sasso impersonating Austin and rehashing some touchy subjects, such as the Rattle Snake not attending this year’s Wrestlemania.

Austin has admitted he got the episode pulled, but says it was the HotRod himself who decided to leave the podcating Network. Piper says he will update fans on the situation later this week when he releases a new show outside of Podcast One.