Ziggler & Sheamus RAW Status, Reigns Attacker Not Charged, Rock Talks Backstage Politics

Sheamus Ziggler RAW

Tonight’s RAW Preview

Despite Dolph Ziggler appearing at last night’s WWE house show from Vancouver to attack Rusev, he is not scheduled for tonight’s RAW. Filming for his movie 6:42 is still ongoing and he was actually at the event to film a segment in the crowd.

There’s apparently a scene where his character goes to a WWE show.

Meanwhile Sheamus is off RAW after suffering a suspected concussion during last week’s episode. He was off last week’s Australian tour and house shows.

WWE now has a policy of not publicly announcing injuries, so we don’t know for sure what the issue is, but a recent Tweet suggests it isn’t serious:

WWE.com are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s show:

– Is Stephen Amell prepared to ’embrace the strange’ of Stardust?

– Will John Cena accept Seth Rollins’ challenge for Title vs Title?

– Is Ryback’s Intercontinental Title reign in jeopardy?

– How will Summer Rae retaliate against Lana?

– Will ‘families’ clash before SummerSlam?

Reigns Attacker Was Encouraged By Crowd

The fan who attacked Roman Reigns at Saturday’s WWE house show in Victoria, British Columbia, has not been charged. After assessing the situation, it appears the crowd were encouraging him to throw/cash-in his replica Money In The Bank briefcase, and when he threw it in to the ring he was not intending for it to hit Reigns in the head.

The unidentified 31-year-old man has however been banned from WWE events for life.

Rock vs Austin Almost Didn’t Happen?

The Rock revealed in a recent Facebook stream that there was a lot of backstage politicians trying to keep him out of the Wrestlemania 15 main event against Austin:

What makes that [match] so special was because it was my first WrestleMania as Heavyweight Champion and there were so many dudes in the locker room who were trying to squash that main event. It was like a long ass line that formed to Vince McMahon’s office where all the top guys, many of them, were trying to stop that main event. ‘Rock has no business being in the main event’, ‘he’s a young kid’, ‘he’s a rookie’, ‘he has no business being in it’, but Vince had wanted that main event and one dude, the only dude, by the way, who could say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it, was Steve Austin and that cat went to them, the old man, Vince, and came to me, and he was like, ‘I want you to be [my] partner. You’re my partner – you’re my dancing partner in this thing.’

I appreciated that so much and just in that moment, we created just this great bond of trust and we went on to headline three other WrestleManias. We went on to break records. We went on to break every attendance record, every arena record across the United States. It was amazing and it was a hell of a run.