Ziggler Returns, Lesnar ESPN Clip, Jake Roberts Film, EC3 Tweets WWE Star

Dolph Ziggler Lana

Dolph Ziggler Is Back

Dolph Ziggler returned on RAW last night to continue his feud with Rusev. It looked as if Rusev and Summer Rae were once again going to team up against Lana after Rusev’s match with Mark Henry, but Ziggler came out of nowhere to even the odds. Lana delivered a shock roundhouse kick to Summer, while Ziggler sent Rusev packing with a superkick.

Also on RAW The Undertaker crashed Brock Lesnar’s homecoming celebration:

Brock Lesnar On SportsCenter

Speaking of Lesnar, he appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning to promote Summlerslam. He also discussed Dana White’s recent “wrestling is fake” comment, saying that it’s true but that White is jealous of Vince McMahon’s promoting success, and that as a business UFC and WWE aren’t that different.

Jake Roberts Documentary Hitting Theatres

Jake Roberts’ troubling life has always been a fascinating subject matter dating back to 1999’s Beyond The Mat, and WWE’s own Pick Your Poison DVD. However a new documentary produced by DDP hopes to put a positive chapter in the story. “The Resurrection of Jake Roberts” is set to be distribution by Slamdance Presents, and will see some theatrical screenings in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Nashville, Tampa and more.

EC3 Tweets Xavier Woods

TNA Champion EC3 had an exchange with WWE’s Xavier Woods on Twitter: