Wyatt’s Sister Joins WWE, ROH Sale Update, Brooke Hogan Talks Gawker Lawsuit

Bray Wyatt sister

Wyatt’s Real Sister Gets WWE Gig

Sister Abigail may be dead and desecrated, but Bray Wyatt’s real sister Mika Rotunda just landed a role backstage at WWE. The Connecticut School of Broadcasting graduate will be working in some kind of production role. She might also do some ring announcing as she has tried out for that previously.

Mika posted the following on Instagram:

WWE Not Buying ROH

Ring of Honor’s Chief Operating Officer tells the Baltimore Sun that rumors of a sale to WWE simply stemmed from talks to provide content for Kevin Owens’ upcoming DVD.

“It was not a story. It was not a story when it came out. I think people want to make a story out of nothing. I’m very open in conversations with very many different wrestling promotions. And I think sometimes because I don’t share a lot of stuff, we’re very private about what we do. I think it raises speculation. I think this thing with the WWE really started because we were in conversations about content for Kevin Owens’ DVD. There was a lot of back and forth between the two companies. I think that was the seed that drove that story.”

Brooke Hogan Interview Highlights

Brooke Hogan recently spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about her father’s lawsuit against Gawker.

“It was very tough on him. It was very sad to see him so screwed up because I know none of us are perfect,” said the former Impact Wrestling star.

“I said, ‘Dad, no matter how crazy the press is, the public and your fans, they’re not stupid. They know your heart and who you are.’ My dad persevered, and always took the high road and was accountable, and I respect and honor him for that.”

Brooke also discussed Hulk Hogan’s character:

“He was tanned and blond and from Venice Beach. And people assumed he was a big, loud, screaming monster. But the cool thing is he used his platform for good. He knew he was impacting impressionable minds. So he told young kids to train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins.”