WWE Uses TNA Photo, Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press, Jake Working With New Fed

Curtis Axel table 3

Curtis Axel Shows TNA Photo

During the latest Table For 3, Curtis Axel showed a photo of R-Truth wrestling his father Mr Perfect, only it was a pic from their time in TNA. Curt Hennig was released from WWE in May 2002 after a short return to the company, because he instigated an amateur wrestling match with Brock Lesnar on the infamous “plane ride from hell.” R-Truth who had briefly wrestled as K-Kwik alongside Road Dogg, was a top star for TNA at the time as Ron Killings. He was released from WWE because Road Dogg had been let go due to personal issues and they had nothing else for him.

The Miz joined R-Truth and Axel on the WWE Network show.

Who Told Brock Lesnar To Do Shooting Star?

During Brock Lesnar’s recent appearance on Steve Austin’s Network podcast, Lesnar revealed that he was “talked in to doing” the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania, that he botched against Kurt Angle and he wished he’d never been so foolish. Though he didn’t throw anyone under the bus, the Wrestling Observer claims it was John Laurinaitis who asked him to do it.

It should be noted however that Lesnar had done the move several times during his time in OVW, so it wasn’t necessarily forced on him out of the blue.

Legends Working For New Promotion

In a recent interview with Adam Carrola, Jake Roberts revealed that he’s on board with a new promotion starting up in Las Vegas, that aims to give talent full medical and retirement packages.

While this seems a little far-fetched, Shane Douglas has previously hinted that a big investor in the tech industry is the one bankrolling the project. Jake, Douglas, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk are all supposed to be trainers, though it’s not yet known what the fed will be called or how close they are from launching.