WWE Statement On Titus, Ryback Shoots On Punk, Steph Using PR Firm, Scott Armstrong Robbed

Titus O'Neil racism

WWE Says Racism Isn’t A Factor

Naturally the race card has been thrown about regarding Titus O’Neil’s suspension, so much so that WWE issued a statement to the New York Post:

“The suspension of Titus O’Neil had nothing to do with race and everything to do with unprofessional conduct.”

They also published a text message sent by Titus to management accepting his punishment:

“I feel like s–t now so if you have to let me go, I understand. Stupid mistake.”

Batista revealed on Twitter that he advised Titus to quit the company:

Meanwhile it’s believed his suspension has been cut to 60 days instead of 90.

Ryback Mocks CM Punk’s Injury

Ryback, who CM Punk accused of injuring him during the infamous Colt Cabana podcast, posted a Tweet mocking his recent back surgery:

Stephanie McMahon Hires PR Firm

Stephanie McMahon has reportedly hired a high profile PR firm to help make her a “face” in the public sphere. Perhaps she should consider retiring her on air heel character instead?

Scott Armstrong’s Car Broken In To

WWE’s Scott Armstrong had his car broken in to during the SmackDown tapings: