WWE Statement On Mauro Ranallo, Enzo With Drake, RVD On WWE Copying ECW

WWE Statement on Ranallo’s Contract

In a brief statement to CBS Sports, WWE revealed that Mauro Ranallo’s contract expires in the summer.

“Ranallo remains under contract with the company until Aug. 12, 2017.”

It’s possible the SmackDown and 205 Live announcer will sit out the contract and not return to TV.

As previously noted Ranallo is currently dealing with a mental health crisis, believed to partly have been triggered by bullying from JBL

Enzo Amore Snapped With Rapper

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ECW Started The Attitude Era

In a recent interview with Hannibal TV, RVD discussed WWE copying ECW and leading to the Attitude Era.

“ECW had such a car wreck appeal. I like when I’m talking to fans – you don’t even need to be a fan, it was like the ring is on fire, the fans are throwing their chairs in the ring, that kind of stuff. If that doesn’t hook you in when you’re flipping through the channels, we can never be friends. Because that’s the kind of stuff that should stick you on that channel for a bit. But ECW started everything. Maybe not like the first barbed wire matches – but what became the attitude era. Sandman (calls over Sandman) didn’t Steve Austin steal you cigarettes and beer? Who drank beer on the way to the ring first? Sandman or Austin?”

Sandman also joined the discussion and brought up the infamous crucifixion angle: “Me and Raven were doing the crucifixion angle, six months later they’re doing the crucifixion angle.”