WWE Opening Physical Hall of Fame, Flair Critical of Paul Heyman, Cena Not At Wrestlemania

Physical WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Opening Restaurant and Hall of Fame

Attractions Management Magazine has revealed that WWE are going ahead with their physical Hall of Fame.

Described as a museum & restaurant, the attraction will be located in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and is set to open by March 2017, in time for WrestleMania 33.

Flair Says Heyman Isn’t Good For Lesnar

On his latest WOOOOO! Nation episode Ric Flair says he doesn’t think Paul Heyman is doing a good job with Brock Lesnar:

I don’t like that Paul talks for Brock because, to me, that heat goes on Paul. Does that make sense? I just think if you look back on a guy who talks a lot like Bobby Heenan, well, Bobby Heenan had a ton of heat on him, but he got the crap beat out of him. And Paul, I don’t think he [has] been passed, physically, to be taking bumps.

Flair says he would personally like to manage Cesaro:

I would love that role, but I verbally said that because I don’t think they think he is strong on the mic, but he is certainly strong in the ring. In my opinion, you could make Cesaro a contender that people believe in, right off the bat, for Brock Lesnar. Within one month, you could get him that hot. Hey, don’t be surprised if it’s a SummerSlam match. When that kid comes back, man, I know they’re going to reassess the way they were using him and if they’re going to put a big push on him. He [has] gotten over with the fans anyway. He [has] gotten over huge. He has a huge following. But if he had someone talking for him in the role of being a bad guy, he could be huge, I think.

John Cena Confirms He Won’t Be At Wrestlemania

John Cena confirmed at the Wrestlemania 33 Press Conference that he won’t be part of this year’s event due to injury. While he isn’t wrestling it’s possible he’ll still appear in some way.