WWE Fires Billy Gunn After Failing Drug Test

Billy Gunn released

WWE have released Performance Center trainer Billy Gunn after he tested positive for elevated testosterone at a non-WWE powerlifting event in the Summer.

The former DX member had a 37-1 testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. This is way over WWE’s 10-1 limit, which itself is considered high when compared to other sports.

The reason the company never released him in July when the event took place is because they were never aware of it. Since it was something Gunn entered of his own accord, he managed to keep the info private. It’s not clear how it was brought to WWE’s attention this week.

This of course raises the question whether WWE are actively testing their trainers under the Wellness Policy. It’s possible Gunn may have only used the banned substance temporarily for said event, but if he does take testosterone regularly he should have theoretically been caught by WWE’s own testing.

Gunn (real name Monty Sopp) has been banned from competitive powerlifting for 4 years.