WWE Cutting Costs, Angle Family Photo, Sting Can Still Wrestle? Corbin Terrified By Ladder

WWE Trying To Keep Investors Happy

You may have noticed that WWE have stopped doing pyro for show intros and entrances. According to the Wrestling Observer the company is looking at all ways to cut costs in order to record higher profits than last year.

This is also why several WWE Network shows, such as Talking Smack, have been dropped and why the planned UK content has yet to properly launch.

While the company is not in any kind of financial trouble, investors were promised that they would beat last year’s $30 million number, so they’re doing everything they can to do so.

One of the reasons they’re struggling is because Network subscriptions are much lower than anticipated.

Jason Jordan With His ‘Family’

Sting Cleared To Wrestle

Sting revealed on Facebook this week that he’s cleared to wrestle, but he’s simply choosing not to.

The Hall of Famer hasn’t stepped in the ring since 2015 when he suffered a neck injury in a match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions.

When asked if he’d be open to some kind of on non-wrestling on-air role, he said: “Yeah, I might consider something like that.”

Baron Corbin Talks Money In The Bank

In an interview with FOX 8 Cleveland to promote tonight’s SmackDown, Baron Corbin discussed the difficulties of doing the Money In The Bank ladder match.

“It was terrifying, because I’m on a 16 foot ladder and it’s moving, and there are people trying to throw me off of it,” Corbin explained.

“I thought, ‘Oh it’s a ladder, it’ll be easy.’ And even just kind of walking through things and climbing up the ladder I was like ‘Wait, this is moving.’ And then I’m gonna add five other people to being in the match, and I have to take both hands off the ladder to unclip it and I’m going, ‘Please, just don’t fall off, don’t be here for five minutes trying to…’ It’s an experience, but I walked away with it (the briefcase).”