WWE Cruiserweight Show Update, Lucha Underground Contacted?

WWE Cruiserweight show

For the past couple of years WWE have been going back and fourth with the idea of producing a cruiserweight only show. This has been discussed as a full blown brand, reality show, a series, and a one off event. In 2014 they directly asked fans their opinion on bringing back the cruiserweights in a survey.

According to the Wrestling Observer the current plan is for a multi-week tournament on the Network to showcase talent under 205lbs.

Although nothing is set in stone it’s believed they are aiming for a 10 part series that will air over the Summer. One idea is to only use unknown wrestlers that haven’t even appeared on NXT. This would be a combination of those at the Performance Center and independent wrestlers who aren’t under contract.

Former CMLL and New Japan star La Sombra who has not yet appeared on NXT TV would be an obvious choice for such a concept. If the indy talent impress they may then be signed to permanent deals, suggests Dave Meltzer.

Interestingly the Observer is also reporting that Triple H recently reached out to Lucha Underground regarding “talent” but the exact circumstances are unknown. It’s possible they wanted to use some of the Lucha stars for the Cruiserweight show.

Whatever the future holds WWE are clearly expanding their target market to include fans of independent wrestling. NXT is obviously their own corporate version of an “indy fed,” and their working relationship with EVOLVE shows a desire to be involved with that scene.

It makes sense to target as many demographics as possible now that they have the Network.