WWE Betting

World wrestling entertainment is a source of entertainment that is loved by all and every one enjoys watching a wrestling show and having fun. Many a times people prefer to watch the wrestling shows on TV and it is big surprise for them to know that wrestling is now available in for of game that can be easily played online that too by placing bets. The different matches of WWE wrestling are organized online and the winners and the losers are selected before hand it means this is the fact of placing bets and then it would be determined later in the result who is the winner and who is the looser. Therefore the players get an initiative to place bet on the predictable outcomes and then wait for the result. It may not be clear for few people what is the concept of WWE betting for them it’s important to know that what actually WWE is and what is its meaning in real.


What is WWE?

The word WWE is an abbreviated form of world wrestling entertainment which is a professional wrestling founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondit during 1950. The shows are organized in such a manner that the winners and the losers are predetermined which means already decided before the show begins. There are several characters that play the character of wrestlers who rise and fall according to the bets placed on them. This all is conducted according to the script of the writer as already mentioned above that every thing is predetermined so if the person is smart enough to identify the writing patterns of the writer and can judge what would be the next step of the writer then he has chances to make profit through his betting.

Basically the wrestlers “win” matches by putting down their opponent on mat for the count of 3 by the referee. The wrestlers are scripted in such a way that it may not be too easy to determine what their next move would be and this fact makes the WWE betting more exciting and unique. Something expected and unexpected can happen in this exciting game


Positives of betting on WWE:

There are numerous reasons due to which it is best idea to bet on WWE as it provides good winning amount if the player gets right in placing bets. There are few casinos that limit the amount on bet due to this the amount player wins is also limited. But there are few trained players who like to place bets at high limit so this is available in WWE platform where there are very smart betting options and the betting amount is not limited instead they the mistakes of the players are protected by reducing the amount of people who can bet. There will be less number of people who place bet so there are more chances of getting good wins.

  • Amusement:

Here the person will get double entrainment that means along with amazing gambling and exciting wrestling game. The game has beautiful theme based on wrestling which give a real feel to the game and the player gets into the game more actively.

  • Less risk:

There are sports books that help to reduce the amount of action that they are tending to take on WWE and due to this the amount that the person can lose also gets reduced. If the player is not sure about his bet then its better to enjoy the show instead of struggling with the bet.

Strategy to be used in WWE betting:

It’s the matter of money so its important to use a right approach while placing bets and here the players can get easy tips to chose a correct game play and bet placing techniques no doubt it also requires ones personal smartness and knowledge of placing bets but in case if some one is trying WWE for the first time then he needs to know few basic strategy so as to have smooth game play and good winnings.

    • Analysis and correct decision must be the first step before making a final move. The player need to analyze the situation carefully and then think over it what would be the next step of the wrestler and then place the bet.
    • Correct prediction of the outcome can bring fruitful results for the player.
    • It’s better to go through the previous game plays and records of the wrestlers which will help the player to get an idea about the particular character which will further help to place the right bet.


  • Analyzing previous approaches of the player does not mean checking out their skills because here they are not competing with each other instead the thing to note is how the situation changes from time to time.



Things to take care about while betting:

  • Script of the writers including what they have done in the past
  • The manner they treat the wrestlers
  • Study the type of twist and tricks that writers have used in the past.
  • The outcomes are predetermined by the humans so there are numerous probability that a human can use while writing the script therefore the player needs to think accordingly and its not too easy.
  • But if a deep thought is given then its not too hard because the writer may try to change the patterns again and again and may chose to use random patterns but he will use the biased result once again after all the possible patterns have been used at least once therefore it is advised to go through the previous scripts and get an idea about the patterns that the writer has used.
  • The main motive of the writers is to make the game exciting so instead of worrying much about the bet its better to enjoy the show and have fun.
  • Good analysis of previous data of WWE will surely help to give positive betting results.


Types of bet offered:


  • WWE is known for its straight and simple nature of bets that means it is not a big money bank for sportsbooks and they provide straight forward bets.
  • The toddlers can have a good start and its also great platform for the players who are looking forward for a simple and straight forward game just for experience.
  • Most widely bet used in WWE is the straight bet where the player has to choose the winner of a particular tournament, match or an exciting championship.
  • The player can see a big list of wrestlers and corresponding to them is the list of odds of their winnings.
  • If the player catches an eye on some odds that need to be concerned and feels that something might happen then its better to get some odds on it.
  • After analyzing the next step is to pick the character that the player predicts as the winner. After the selection just sit back and enjoy the whole show and wait for the final show down.
  • There are few online sportsbooks that provide basics of bets for the players. These bets are termed as prop bets.
  • There is a first time winner prop bet that is paid if the winner has never won any tournament or match before. This is also considered as a fun bet and is quiet amazing.
  • Other bet is the longest ring time bet and is placed on the player who spends maximum time in the ring for the entire period of the game. It’s all about fate if in case the wrestler gives up early then the whole fun will get spoiled.
  • Another exciting prop bet is the on first to appear that allows the player to bet on which player would be the first one to enter the ring.
  • Appearance bet is also very exciting feature where the bet is placed on certain person or category of the person which may include a female wrestler, retired wrestler and many more.
  • Bout outcome bet are also prop bets where the player places the bet on how the game will end. It means the bet is not on who will win instead the bet will be on how a wrestler will win.
  • Another one is the most elimination bet that is used when there are many people on bouts for example just as in case of royal rumble.


Best WWE betting sites:

There are few top rated sites that provide the best WWE betting and are well reputed and authenticated sites so just have a look here:

  • Betway sports
  • 888sports
  • Betfair
  • Royal panda
  • Sportsnation.bet
  • Genting bet
  • Redzonesports.bet
  • Casino of dreams


Enjoy and have fun

The WWE betting is not much to worry and is a game of fun and amusement. There is nothing to take so seriously as the game is all about the strategy that the player will use while placing the bets and the basic strategy required while betting WWE are already mentioned above which will make the game play easy and exciting without any worry and hurry.

The types of prop bets are very useful and exciting feature of this whole game play that will help the player to gain more accuracy and with time and practice the game play will become easier. The player needs to think smartly and try to catch all the previous actions and patterns that are used by the writers as already mentioned above it’s not much difficult. Just play the game for fun and enjoy the show within the ring.