WWE Caught In Ashley Madison Hack, Ex-Diva Does Worked MMA, Rollins Gets Police Escort

WWE Employees Cheating On Partners?

Deadspin has revealed that 25 WWE email addresses were caught up in the Ashley Madison hack last week. Ashley Madison is a dating website that allows married and “committed” people to cheat on their partners. Presumably this is WWE staff members rather than wrestlers, and not all of the addresses are necessarily genuine.

Wrestlers Work Lingerie MMA Matches

Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez (Salinas in TNA) and TNA Knockout Raisha Saeed (Cheerleader Melissa on the Indys) are both involved with a worked MMA promotion called the Lingerie Fighting Championships. Here are some highlights:

[Yay for adults doing what they want, but it’s a bit sad that somebody as talented as Cheerleader Melissa is doing fake MMA in her underwear when we just had Sasha Banks vs Bayley].

Rollins & Girlfriend Get Police Escort

TMZ filmed Seth Rollins and girlfriend Zahra Schreiber being given an unmarked police escort so they could get passed fans to go to dinner yesterday. The couple were also shown together in the crowd at NXT Takeover.