WWE Announces Cruiserweight Show, Lawler Gets Death Threats, JR On Titus Suspension

WWE Cruiserweight show

Global Cruiserweight Series Confirmed

WWE have confirmed that they will be debuting a special cruiserweight tournament over the Summer on the Network. It looks like it will indeed feature stars not currently under contact:

For the first time ever, WWE invites cruiserweights from all over the world to compete in the inaugural Global Cruiserweight Series. Thirty-two of the greatest in-ring competitors under 205 lbs. will descend upon Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla., and collide for 10 weeks to earn the right to call themselves the best cruiserweight in the world.

Lawler Threatened For Supporting Trump

Even though he only Tweeted his support for Donald Trump as an in-character heel move, Jerry Lawler says he still received death threats in an interview with WMC out of Memphis, TN. He said from now on he’s going to stay out of politics.

JR Talks Titus O’Neil’s Suspension

Jim Ross discussed the Titus O’Neil situation in his latest JRSBARBQ.com blog:

The controversial suspension of Titus O’Neill by WWE last week for ‘unprofessional conduct’ still hs many folks scratching their head. I can’t render a clear cut opinion based on the brief video clip that was floating around for a while plus I’ve talked to no one about the matter that would know any substantive information. I’ve never known Titus to be a problem and actually he’s one of WWE’s most willing participants when it comes to volunteer and charity work. I only wonder, in hindsight, how this matter would have been judicated if the decision regarding punishment was delayed until the next day when all parties had a night to sleep on this matter. I have heard that Titus was fined in the neighborhood of 5K for his conduct plus a 60 day suspension. One has to wonder if this punishment was also utilized to get the attention of the entire roster especially if some talents were thought to be becoming to lax in their approach to their job.