Writer Quits WWE For The Rock, Vince’s Philosophy, Ex-Diva Retires

Brian Gewirtz The Rock

WWE Writer Quits To Work With The Rock

According to the Wrestling Observer long time WWE writer Brian Gewirtz has quit WWE to work with The Rock full time. Gewirtz was essentially Rock’s personal writer whenever he returned to the company, and was the only person Rock trusted to write material for his character. He is now an executive for Seven Bucks Entertainment, The Rock and ex-wife Dany Garcia’s production company.

Vince McMahon Insight

Vince McMahon has given a rare interview to Muscle & Fitness, sharing some of his training and life philosophy.

I grew up dirt poor. When you’re in that class, a lower economic class, everyone is, quote, “above you.” And there were a number of individuals who thought they were above me because of their economic situation. It always bugged me that people would think they were better than me. I developed a philosophy that no one’s better than me, and at the same time I’m no better than anyone else. Even though I am one, I don’t associate with rich people, generally speaking. I don’t belong to country clubs. It was easy for me to feel that [Mr. McMahon character] psychologically. As far as being mean, my background is a varied one. I had a violent stepfather. It was easy for me to feel what that was like. Really, I’m more like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin—I’m the common man. To this day I am. I drive a nice car and what have you, but I think one of the keys to WWE’s success, quite frankly, is that I remain who I am.

I think you have to develop an attitude. From the severity that I experienced, taking numerous beatings and things of that nature, I developed a defensive philosophy that has served me very well through the years. That is: If I lived through whatever the adversarial position was, I won. No matter what happens, if I’m still breathing in and out, I won. So if you have that kind of philosophy, then failure is not a big thing.

Interestingly Vince said that he thinks the company will change for the better when he “kicks” the bucket:

Our future from a corporate stand- point is extremely strong because we have so many talented executives, and they all bring different strengths to the table. Steph and Paul will certainly have significant roles going forward. I think when I kick, the organization is going to change, and I think for the better, because there’s no one person who can do all that I can do because of my background. There’s no one individual who’s going to take my place.

Serena Retires

Today marks the final match for former WWE Diva Serena Deeb, who you will remember from her time in the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk. The 29 year old is in Tokyo and wrote the following on Facebook:

This will be my final match. I have opted to peacefully and humbly close my career, with the deep honor & respect that I was brought up with. I infinitely thank OVW for raising me in such a way in this business- it is a lost art.
I am so grateful to every person who I have formed memories with over the past 10 years. So many of you are my family.

I fell in love with pro wrestling when I was very young. I experienced many incredible moments, as well as countless heartbreaks. I got to have my Wrestlemania moment in front of 72,000 people. I have been blessed with 7 trips to Japan & I have chosen to close this chapter of my life in this beautiful country.

There is no remorse in this decision. I have simply grown. I love you all. Thank you.

Serena’s WWE departure is somewhat of a mystery. The rumor was that she was seen partying hard, when she was supposed to be playing up the Straight Edge lifestyle.