Will Trump Reward Linda McMahon? Roadblock Match Leaked, Sin Cara Exiled

Trump Linda McMahon

Could Trump Appoint Linda McMahon?

With his victory over Hillary Clinton, US President-elect Donald Trump is now in the process of choosing his cabinet. One name that could possibly be rewarded for her support and donations is Linda McMahon.

WWE is the biggest single donor to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, giving $5 million over the past decade. Such payments wouldn’t have been made if there wasn’t chance to get something in return.

Even if Trump doesn’t help restart Linda’s political career, the WWE is now in a very cosy position with the former storyline owner of RAW leading the nation.

Seth Rollins’ Roadblock Opponent Revealed

The PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has leaked a match for December’s Roadblock PPV.

Sin Cara Moved To SmackDown

As part of his punishment for getting in to it with Chris Jericho, Sin Cara has been moved to SmackDown for the current touring schedule. It’s not clear if this is a permanent move, though it’s likely that the entire Cruiserweight division may soon be on the blue brand.

Cara/Hunico was ordered to attend anger management classes after punching Chris Jericho in England. He was kicked off the tour bus and has since been travelling with the SmackDown roster.