Why Samoa Joe Wears Towel, Strowman Puts Over Roman Reigns, Styles Hits Trick Shot

Samoa Joe towel

Who Inspired Joe’s Towel?

Samoa Joe revealed why he wears a towel to the ring in a recent interview with USA Today:

“I think partially it was the grapplers that I enjoyed wore a towel to the ring and they looked like they were ready to rock and roll. Mike Tyson used to come out with the towel poncho. I didn’t get the towel poncho. Just the towel. It’s something I just started to do and never stopped.”

Strowman Calls Reigns The Best

They may be the bitterest of enemies on screen, but Braun Strowman has nothing but positive things to say about Roman Reigns in real life. He told ESPN:

“I solely trust my partner going out there, and especially the guy I’m working with, Roman [Reigns]. There’s not another talent on this planet like him. He is the best, if not the best in the ring, hands down. I know that he’s going to do the same thing that I do — he’s going to put his body on the line too. You’ve seen that. I’ll knock his hind end into the dirt, time after time, and he keeps getting back up. Whether it be stupidity, stubbornness or pure heart, you can’t argue that Roman is one tough SOB and entertaining, to say the least. At this point, I mean, what else is there to do? I feel like the next match we’re going to have is going to be on top of a volcano, and the only way to win is to throw your opponent into the volcano.”

He also discussed how his growth spurt came relatively late:

“You know, I wasn’t too much out of the spectrum of normal until I really started high school. Literally, my freshman year, I was a 5-[foot]-8 or 5-9, 180-pound little butterball. When I graduated high school, I was 6-5 and 305. I think I swallowed a magic bean pill.”

Styles Hits Behind The Back Shot


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