Video of Wyatt’s Injury, Asuka Cuts Promo, Donald Trump References WWE

Bray Wyatt Injured

Bray Wyatt Out With Injury

Bray Wyatt has been pulled from the ring following a calf injury, sustained during his match with Roman Reigns in Milan. Here’s a clip of when the injury occurred.

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It’s not yet clear how much time he’ll need to recover.

Asuka Cuts Rare English Promo

It looks like Asuka has learned enough English to call out Eva Marie:

Donald Trump Re-tweets WWE Reference

Tommy Dreamer Fan of Roman Reigns

In a recent interview with Busted Open Tommy Dreamer says he’s a fan of Roman Reigns, and the League of Nations:

“I’m a huge Roman Reigns supporter. I was there live in Florida on a house show, him and Sheamus, and I cannot praise Sheamus enough for being a great heel. Everyone’s talking about, ‘Oh, Roman Reigns and the Wyatts pairing together’, but you got to have great heels to actually work with that. Sheamus, Del Rio, and Rusev. who I’m big fans of, the bad guys. Think about it, the people are going to be on their feet for all of those matches. For the haters, to see AJ Styles win. We work for the reactions and we work for people talking about it the next day. I watched (Reigns) and Sheamus work about 25 minutes on a Sunday show and they had a WrestleMania match and the people were so into it. Then and there, I was like, ‘That guy is pure money’. I saw it live and I just watched it and I totally saw why he’s the man and he should be the man.”

Xenophobia At UK Wrestling Show?

Popular family holiday camp Butlins in the UK has come under fire for promoting a match with a stereotypical evil Muslim against a British babyface. The Muslim – Hakim – who came out with a nondescript flag, rolled up the good guy when he was distracted while chanting with fans. During the match kids were encouraged to chant “England” in a soccer-esque fashion.

Although only one person complained, it has been hyped by the UK press as a “race hate” show.

“I think it sends out he completely wrong message to families and children who were watching that we were encouraged to boo the guy who is not English. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable,” says Christian Cerisola, 41.

The Butlins shows are very one dimensional and are used to entertain people in the shopping/eating area of the resort.

Resort director Chris Baron said the section in the show was ‘not agreed content’ in a statement to The Mirror.

They contract out to a couple of UK promotions and are shifting the blame on to them.