Vader In Car Accident, Sin Cara’s Punishment, Cruiserweights To SmackDown? Brock vs Shane?

Vader car accident

WWE Hall of Famer Rolls Car

WWE Hall of Famer Vader recently rolled his car in Boulder, Colorado, and was trapped for over 30 minutes. He posted about the ordeal on Twitter:

Sin Cara Attending Anger Management

According to the Wrestling Observer Sin Cara has been ordered to attend anger management classes following the recent incident with Chris Jericho. Cara/Hunico has been involved in several backstage scuffles over the years.

Cruiserweight Title Moving Brands

It’s likely that the Cruiserweight title will be moving to SmackDown because the new 205 Network show will be taped following SmackDown LIVE each week. It was announced on tonight’s show that Brian Kendrick will be defending the belt against Kalisto at Survivor Series and Kalisto is on the SmackDown roster.

Brock vs Shane At Mania

According to the Wrestling Observer the current plan for WrestleMania is for Brock Lesnar to take on Shane McMahon. This may be why Lesnar hit McMahon with the F5 at the end of SummerSlam.

Edge Appearing Next Week

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has been announced for next week’s SmackDown LIVE: