Updates on the Cena and Bella Breakup

John Cena has released a statement after his shocking breakup with Nikki Bella, and the lady in question has revealed why she felt she had to call the wedding off!

Cena Dispensing With Relationship Advice on Twitter

The WWE universe was shaken to its core when Cena and Bella called quits on their engagement recently: the celebrity former-couple were set to marry on the 5th of May in Mexico, but they never got to the altar.

In the wake of the cancelled nuptials, The Champ has counselled his fans not to try to change anyone else, and put their focus on improving themselves in stead. His tweet, hashtagged NeverGiveUp on social media, stated that everyone has the right to live their lives the way they want to, and suggested that people look inward instead of outward, and keep working on becoming the best version of themselves they can be.

Cena’s Take on the Breakup

Punters who enjoy the antics of these superstars thanks to the betting sites that provide them with the chance to make a few extra dollars on the outcomes of matchups will recall the Cena/Bella engagement well. It occurred in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania 33, just after the pair had beaten The Miz and Maryse in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

Talking about their parting of ways, Cena has stated that things are up and down, and remarked that the process has been a very reflective one, amazing and difficult at the same time. He said that his heart had been broken, and that the split had came out of nowhere for him, before stating that anyone who has gone through what he’s going through knows that many different feelings regarding one’s former partner come into play.

Bella Reveals Why She Ended Things With Cena

In short, Bella called her wedding to Cena off because she got cold feet, although rumours suggest that the former Divas Champion pulled the matrimonial plug because the 16-time World Champion isn’t interested in starting a family or taking early retirement. Bella, however, has stated that this was not the issue, revealing that it was in fact because the hesitation she felt as the wedding date neared got out of control.

In an interview with Life & Style, Bella said that she simply didn’t feel it was right to walk down the aisle, promising eternal love and devotion at the end of it, when she was unsure if this was the right step for her.

Bella went on to say that the day she does undertake to have and to hold from that day forward she truly intends to be with whomever the person standing opposite her is, until death parts them. She then said that she still hoped that she and Cena could get to that point, in spite of everything that has happened, but that, for the moment, she needs to address the issues related to her overwhelming doubts regarding the union.

She ended the interview by stating that if things don’t feel right, and you’re feeling any kind of apprehension, the onus is on you to figure things out and get to a point where you’re not feeling afraid.