Undertaker Is Back, WWE Tells Cena To Change Instagram, RAW Preview

Undertaker Battleground

The Undertaker Gets Revenge on Lesnar

The Undertaker made his return to WWE at last night’s Battleground, by interfering in Brock Lesnar’s match against Seth Rollins. Lesnar appeared to be just about to put Rollins away when the lights went out and The Deadman appeared.

Taker’s interference allowed Seth Rollins to scrape the victory.

Deadman At RAW?

WWE.com are teasing the Undertaker for tonight’s RAW, along wit these other points:

– Will The Deadman rise on Raw?
– Have Wyatt and Harper reunited? If so, what does this mean for Reigns?
– How will the Divas revolution continue?
– After reigning supreme over The Celtic Warrior, what’s next for Orton?
– What’s next for John Cena.

WWE Controlling Cena’s Instagram

WWE have told John Cena that he has to be less abstract on Instagram and post more photos of himself and about things he is doing: