Undertaker Hurt, WWE Cutting Back Blu-rays, Foley Doesn’t Care About Image

Undertaker Injured

The Undertaker Dealing With Bad Hip

As seen during the Royal Rumble match Undertaker was not very mobile and was visibly hurting after his elimination. According to the Wrestling Observer he is dealing with a hip issue after returning too soon after surgery. Don’t expect any more physicality until WrestleMania.

The current plan is to do Roman Reigns vs Undertaker at the event.

Less Blu-Ray Releases This Year

WWE are cutting back on the amount of Blu-ray releases, even when a DVD version of the title is available. It’s not clear why this is happening, but it may be a way to entice fans to the Network instead.

WWE Home Video UK confirmed the changes on Twitter:

Foley Doesn’t Care What People Think

Mick Foley addressed his outrageous outfits in a new blog on Facebook. He said he’s stopped caring what people think about his appearance: