UFC Star Mentions Reigns Reaction, Demolition Not Being In HOF, Al Snow On Vince’s Mania Vision

Daniel Cormier Mentions RAW Crowd

Daniel Cormier mentioned the Roman Reigns crowd reaction from RAW during the UFC 210 press conference.

The Light Heavyweight Champion was asking MMA fans not to be indifferent to his fights and used the response to Roman as an example of fans being passionate and organic.

Cormier beat Anthony Johnson with a rear-naked choke at the event on Saturday and Johnson subsequently retired.

Demolition Don’t Sweat Hall of Fame

In a recent interview with GoProWrestling, legendary tag team Demolition were humble about not yet being in the WWE Hall of Fame:

Ax: “We don’t lose any sleep over it. Fans and people like you on the podcasts they know we should be in it and there are a lot of deserving teams as well. If we make it fine. We know we had a good career.”

Smash: “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express inducted this year and they were an incredible team. Two great guys that we worked with and they deserve to be in there. Congratulations to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.”

Al Snow Marvels At WrestleMania

Al Snow marveled at the success of WrestleMania during an interview with the Roman Show over the big weekend.

“WrestleMania was at that level then but now is off the charts,” said the Impact Wrestling star. “I think WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon had that vision to make it what it is now even from the very first one. That vision brought it to where it is today. Back in the day the pinnacle of your career was to wrestle in Madison Square Garden now it’s to wrestle at WrestleMania. I’ve been fortunate to that several times.”

“It’s the fact that you are on one of the biggest stages that you are on in the wrestling business. You don’t any bigger. You don’t get a bigger platform. The vibe it doesn’t matter if its Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, the vibe is always incredible. WrestleMania is an event like the Olympics its been taken to that level. City’s compete for WrestleMania and rightfully so. It’s spectacular I don’t even know how to describe it.”