Reporter Learns Not To Ask CM Punk About WWE

Angry CM Punk UFC

CM Punk is certainly an enigma. His take no crap and often abrasive attitude is what made him such a charismatic bad guy in WWE, yet it’s questions about WWE that now incur his wrath. Which is even more ironic when you consider it is this very behaviour that is helping to “promote” his UFC debut. What a heel!

But we digress. One reporter for Complex Magazine found out the hard way that CM Punk isn’t here to answer fluff or stupid questions about his “transition from WWE.”

“I don’t feel like fielding questions about [WWE]. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve accomplished everything I was going to,” explained the former WWE champ.

Not taking the hint, Kevin Wong proceeded to ask if Punk “is anxious or intimidated to make the transition from professional wrestling.”

Wrong move.

“I get this question a lot, and it’s like you guys think I’m an idiot,” said Punk. “Like I didn’t know MMA wasn’t pre-determined or something like that.”

“Have you ever tweeted at me, ‘Hey, do you know what you’re getting into?’,” he asked.

“I never have,” replied Wong.

Punk: “Okay. It sounds like you might have.”

Wong: “I don’t mean to put you on the defensive…”

Punk: “I’m not on the defensive. Your question is insulting. You’re asking me if I know the difference between the WWE and the UFC?”

Wong: “That’s not what I’m asking.”


“That’s exactly what you’re asking… You say my fans say that? You’re mistaken. My fans do not say that. I wouldn’t say anything to them [my critics]. I don’t justify stupidity with an answer. I don’t give a s–t what anybody thinks of me, whether I’m going to fight or not. I know what I’m going to do. If I did anything in my life based on someone’s negative opinion on me, I would never f–king leave my house. My fans are people who don’t tweet negative s–t at me.”

Punk is currently training for his first ever MMA fight, tentatively booked for UFC 199 instead of 200 as previously thought. It would have come much sooner but a shoulder injury sustained while training kept him out of the Octagon.

As it stands his opponent will either be 23 year old 1 fight rookie Mickey Gall or Michael Jackson who has had no pro fights yet. Both clash at UFC 196.