Tyson’s Surgery Scar, Linda McMahon At RAW, Sasha Banks Interview

Tyson Kidd Neck

Tyson Kidd Posts Photo of Scar

Tyson Kidd shared a photo on Twitter of his post neck surgery scar. He’s not expected to be back in action for over a year:

Linda McMahon Takes Notes

Linda McMahon was spotted in the crowd during last night’s RAW and was seen taking down notes during the show. As long as she’s not listing things that have to be removed from the show if she runs for senate again, it’s all good!

Sasha Banks Idolized Eddie Guerrero

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, Sasha Banks called Eddie Guerrero her idol. She said her mother never understood why she wanted to be a WWE Diva because all they did were bra and panties matches, but Banks would tell her that she was going to be the female Eddie. She said she attempted the Frog Splash at the Performance Center but missed the crash pad and busted her face.