Trump Name Drops Vince, WWE Doing Dudleys DVD, New Stardust Look

Donald Trump Vince McMahon

Donald Trump Name Drops Vince McMahon

Donald Trump likened Wednesday’s GOP debate to WWE during an interview on Fox News, but was keen to put over friend Vince McMahon at the same time:

“It was a little bit like WWE, the great Vince McMahon – who is a terrific guy – the way every question had to do with me … Mr. Trump said this, Mr. Trump said that. I think they said 46% of the questions had something like that so I thought it was a little bit unusual.”

Of course the cynics among us have always seen politics as a show.

WWE Releasing Dudley Boyz DVD

According to WWE are planning on releasing a Dudley Boyz DVD and Blu-ray set next year. Although their TLC matches are obviously featured in other sets, their career spanning from ECW has some pretty epic content to choose from.

“Dudley Boyz Biography: Arguably the most successful tag team in the history of sports entertainment. Hear from Bubba Ray and D-Von as they discuss theirs trials and tribulations from the bottom to the top and what made they did that helped them become so successful.”

Stardust To Match Ascension?

In a hint that the Cosmic Wasteland are going to become more anaesthetically unified Cody Rhodes hinted at a new look on Twitter: