Triple H On UK Tour? New Dusty Rhodes Project, Jake Roberts Talks Bizarre Video

Triple H NXT

Triple H At Takeover London?

While he’s not at any of the house shows Triple H has confirmed that he will be at the NXT TakeOver: London special next week. He discussed what the tour means to the talent in an interview with the UK Mirror:

That opportunity to go and work in front of different crowds that like different styles and the thing that you used to do here doesn’t work over there, or works better, you know, you’ve got to be able to learn and evolve on the fly. It’s eye-opening to them, that they all of a sudden have to work a totally different way and tell a totally different story to get these fans involved. Everybody that has the chance to go and have that experience will be a much better performer down the line for us.

Cody Teases Dusty Project

Cody Rhodes teased an upcoming project about his late father Dusty. The rumor is that it’s a new book:

Speaking of Cody he had to miss the Tribute to the Troops taping after getting banged up on RAW.

Jake Roberts Apologizes For Bizarre Video

Jake Roberts has apologized for the bizarre video he uploaded to Youtube and then deleted, that saw him acting like a weird Southern hooker that wanted to give Bray Wyatt a “gum job.”

It was obviously a bit of dark humor, but Roberts admits that the joke didn’t really work: