Tommy Dreamer Concussion Hypocrisy? The Rock On Nia Jax, Origins of Teddy Long’s ‘Playa’

Tommy Dreamer concussions

Is Tommy Dreamer Fit To Compete?

Considering Tommy Dreamer’s long history of concussions and even self admitted cognitive problems, fans would be correct in seeing some hypocrisy with his return to WWE. Daniel Bryan is being kept out of the ring due to concussion fears, even when some doctors have cleared him. But Dreamer looks to be headed in to a match at TLC.

Of course this isn’t to say Bryan should be brought back right away, but it might demonstrate how WWE truly feel about protecting talent. Dreamer is a short term investment so his health doesn’t count?

The ECW original returned to aid the Dudleys against the Wyatts on RAW and is believed to be on a per appearance deal.

The Rock On Mentoring Nia Jax

In a new Instagram post The Rock gave props to his cousin Nia Jax and discussed some of the words of wisdom he gave her:

Pleasure having my cousin and future WWE Diva Nia Jax come thru the #IronParadise. As her mentor we talked for hours about her goals and the hard work it’s gonna take to achieve them. I asked Nia (real name Lina Fanene) what her #1 goal is and she simply said, “greatness”. Y’all know I had a big ass smile on my face when I heard that!
I told her don’t worry about championship titles and don’t be concerned about becoming famous, just always remember that the most powerful thing you can be IN AND OUT of the wrestling ring, is yourself… All 5’11 272lbs of beautiful, Samoan, German, authentic, savage, humble, hungry dominant woman. Be real, be you and greatness will come. Y’all KNOW she then cracked a big ass smile too.

You guys keep an eye out for my cousin.. one day she’ll do big things and she’ll do it with class and humility and more importantly, she’ll do it just being herself.

#Family #ShesDominant #272lbsOfYouAintReadyForThisKindOfPain #PeoplesEyebrowOnPoint #ShesMyNewBodyguard

Playa Was Teddy’s Dog?

Teddy Long recently spoke with the Two Man Power Trip podcast and discussed the origins of the word “playa” and his humorous dancing:

My character was basically just me. The word “playa” I just started saying it around the house. I had this big dog and I used to call him all the time, his name was Balls but I started calling him “Playa” around the house and I just took that to TV and started using it. Another example is the dance that I do. A lot of people think that is something big, well it’s big to me because of my Grandson. We bought him this little walker and every time he would get in that he would just bounce up and down kind of like the dance so I started doing the dance on TV because I wanted my Grandson to watch it and let him know I was doing his dance. So that’s the inside secret about how the dance came about. When you can be yourself you can be more relaxed when you are out there trying to portray a character and you are trying to get somebody over, well I wasn’t trying to get anyone over but me. I was able to adapt and I was able to learn Vince McMahon’s way. That’s another thing, if you learn Vince McMahon’s way you will be there for a long time. I was able to do all of that with the help of God.