TNA Responds To Finn Balor Photo, New Sting DVD Clip, New Role For Diva

Finn Balor TNA

TNA Official Fires Back At NXT Star

Earlier today Finn Balor Tweeted a photo of himself outside of TNA’s Nashville offices doing the DX crotch chop. The NXT crew are in town for a house show. TNA official Bob Ryder fired back by implying Balor had actually visited the offices.

It’s believed that this is just retaliatory trolling by Ryder and that Balor didn’t actually enter the building. The result is fans overreacting, thinking Balor’s going to get in trouble.

Meanwhile Grado responded with himself outside a mock-up of WWE HQ:

Sting Into The Light Clip have released a second clip from WWE’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray set Sting: Into The Light, which is out later this month:

Rosa Mendez Gets New Role

WWE Diva Rosa Mendez has a new role as SmackDown Correspondent, which will see her conduct interviews for the website and Youtube from backstage at SmackDown.