TNA Owes Roode and EY Thousands? How Samoa Joe Kept His Name

Bobby Roode Eric Young

TNA Owes Former Talent Six Figures?

The reason Bobby Roode and Eric Young jumped ship to NXT, is because TNA owes each of them thousands of dollars according to independent wrestling promoter David Herro.

“Bobby Roode and Eric Young left because they were owed a combined six-figures,” he revealed in a recent episode of the Pro Wrestling Report.

“How do you not pay those two guys? You let Bobby Roode go – a guy who could have gone to WWE but he wanted to be loyal to the company. Thank God he left. He’ll be a big star in NXT. He’ll make the main roster in a year from now. Same with Eric Young,” Herro explained.

Bobby Roode who appeared in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Dalls, says he has yet to put pen to paper. Eric Young however made his official NXT debut at the last set of TV tapings, confronting old foe Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe Lawyered Up For NXT

Samoa Joe used the services of a lawyer to help negotiate his NXT contract. This may be the reason he was able to keep his name, Joe suggested in an interview with Sam Roberts.

“My lawyer is dope. Yeah, but I’m really super over and awesome, so that helps,” joked Joe.

“I think the biggest thing really is when they looked at the situation, which was very unique that I was coming into, and AJ [Styles]’s much the same way. It’s very unique where we have decade-plus careers and decade-plus name recognition behind us that it’s more of a benefit to keep us as we are, so I think that’s the biggest thing. And for branding purposes and all that, I understand their business acumen behind trying to change somebody’s name. But, at the same time, do we want to start moving stuff a couple of months down the line or start moving stuff on night one? And that was a motivating factor too. I mean, it was financially smart and it was creatively smart, so I think that was the biggest thing that went into it.”

Samoa Joe captured the NXT Championship from Finn Balor at the Lowell, Massachusetts, house show last week. This is a strong hint that Balor will be debuting on the main roster at Payback this Sunday.