TJP Injured, How Nia Jax Got Signed, Ric Flair’s Condition

TJ Perkins On Crutches

TJ Perkins appeared on this week’s 205 Live using crutches. WWE have not made any kind of official statement, but it doesn’t seem to be a storyline:

Nia Jax On Triple H Contacting The Rock

In the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, Nia Jax revealed that Triple H contacted The Rock to help get her signed with WWE.

“We were in the process of trying to get me into a wrestling school. Afa, the Wild Samoan, has a school in Orlando, so my aunt was trying to get me to go there, and I was doing the stuff that I needed to do. Dwayne had heard about the Performance Center, and he said that I should try out to see if maybe that is something that I would want to do; to get in there and see how it is. I had a three-day tryout at the Performance Center.”

“So, I tried out, and it was very intense. Bruises all over my body; taking bumps for the first time. It was amazing though, but I realized that I could do this. Everyone was wondering if I was serious and I told them that I was, and that I needed to do this.”

“After the three days Canyon Cemen said that we will get back to you to see if I get signed up or not. I didn’t hear anything from anybody, but Hunter had contacted Dwayne and said that we were going to give her a shot in Orlando, so that was when I was signed.”

More On Flair’s Colon Surgery

Ric Flair’s recent surgery was to correct damage to his colon, which was causing a blockage and leading to kidney failure and other medical issues. While the core problem has been corrected, he remains in a critical condition and on dialysis.