UFC Star Rejects WWE, Rock Nearly Did MMA? Watch Chyna Memorial, Brand Split PPVs

Female UFC Star Turns Down WWE

Female UFC fighter Paige VanZant has turned down an offer from WWE to appear at Summerslam, but would be open to doing something in the future. She told ESPN:

“Right now I’m 100 percent fight-focused and I would love to participate in anything the WWE has to offer when the timing’s right as long as it works with my fight schedule. I love WWE and if they ever reached out to me again I would love to work with them but right now I’m focused on Bec Rawlings.”

The Rock Wanted To Fight?

The Rock recently revealed to UFC.com that he was actually considered pursuing the MMA group in 2004:

“There was a time there where I thought, man, I achieved everything I wanted to achieve in WWE, my movie career is floundering a little bit, what do I do? I was relatively still young, I think I was 34. I thought, oh well maybe UFC. Maybe I should do something like that. In my head, I felt like it was at least a two-year process for me to even get in the [Octagon], let alone the UFC. I wasn’t quite too sure what to do or what kind of people to put around me at the time, so the idea kind of fizzled out and I continued to stay on the path of movie making. Still a big fan and love the sport. But at one time, I did consider it.”

Stars Pay Respects To Chyna

You can watch Sean Waltman, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, RVD and Mick Foley pay tribute to Chyna, in the following video from her memorial:

PPV Changes Leaked

Here is the tentative lineup of WWE ‘PPVs’ following the brand split. Note that some are brand specific, while others are combined: