The Rock Really Did Go Off Script, And He Doesn’t Care

The Rock breaks script

There’s a level of fame that certain wrestlers reach where they are impervious to WWE’s strict rules for talent. If you’re Brad Maddox and decide to get heat on a house show by cutting an unplanned promo, you’re gone. If you’re The Rock and on Raw, Vince gets pissed but Dwayne doesn’t care. After all who needs who this Wrestlemania?

That’s right, when the Great One said he was breaking the script on Monday and proceeded to goof off with fans dressed as legends at ringside, he really was breaking the script. What’s worse (well for Vince) is that Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Macho Man and The Rock had already been told off by security for being too rowdy and distracting other fans from the action. Rock then drew more attention to them while talking about marijuana (drugs are bad m’kay).

Of course you could argue that the charismatic veteran actually handled them better than any security guard. He let them and the other fans get it out of their system, sent them home happy and owned the situation. The alternative would have been to continue his bullet points, trying to ignore what was going on. He laid the SmackDown like a comedian would to hecklers!

I guess Vince has forgotten that the “anything can happen” vibe was one of the key elements of the Attitude Era’s success. That’s without rehashing the fact that “wrasslers todayyyy” are over-scripted, and many of the mega-stars of old only got there because they were allowed to experiment on the mic.