The Rock and Triple H Tweet, Zayn’s Return Confirmed, JR On Being Hacked

The Rock vs Triple H

The Rock and Triple H Exchange Tweets

Triple H and The Rock exchanged Tweets this week regarding Rock’s Muscle & Fitness cover:

Sami Zayn Wrestling On UK Tour

Sami Zayn’s appearances on the NXT UK tour will actually be his in ring return. So far he is confirmed for a Triple Threat with Baron Corbin and WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor on Saturday in Sheffield.

JR Discusses Getting Hacked

Jim Ross discussed recently having his Twitter account hacked in his latest blog:

Someone hacked my twitter account @JRsBBQ early Sunday morning and then let the world know that I was dead. Well, I’m not but I am pissed and this matter isn’t over but we do hope to have our account back up and running today thanks to the efforts of the folks at @Twitter. Karma is a crazy thing and somewhere down the road whoever did this and facilitated an emotional day for my family and friends will have to answer to their misdeeds.