‘Little’ Miz Gets Legit Flashed By Actress On Set

The Miz AnnaLynne McCord

We don’t quite know how The Miz does it, first he bags former WWE Diva Maryse, now he gets flashed by a steaming actress for the hell of it. Perhaps it’s because he’s “a little corn-fed Ohio boy.”

That’s right, the most must see WWE Superstar got a full topless view of actress AnnaLynne McCord during the filming of Santa’s Little Helper last year. The Christmas film which is out now on DVD also features WWE Diva Paige.

“So we’re rehearsing one day it and he’s just so proper and like a little corn-fed Ohio boy that I just thought this would be really funny. I completely took off my whole top and went topless,” McCord recently told Daily Dead.

“So Mike comes running down the stairs in rehearsal, throws open the door because he’s going full-tilt, like as if it’s really being filmed, and when he opened the door, it was the best thing ever. I’m sitting there like, ‘Hi’ He freaked out, almost like he was the worst person for having seen my t–s at that moment and it was really funny. The whole movie was just f–king around with everybody, we all had a lot of fun and I hope I actually did something good in it. Mike’s face that day, though, was just the absolute best!”

The Miz santa's littler helper

It’s a tough life but somebody has to live it.

Speaking of The Miz, he replaced Alberto Del Rio – who’s dealing with a back or neck issue – on the weekend house shows.