Sunny Runs Her Mouth Over Paris Attacks

Sunny ISIS

WWE Hall of Famer Wants Holocaust

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, who is currently battling DUI related charges, ran her mouth on Facebook today over yesterday’s tragic attacks in Paris. She went as far as to call for a Holocaust of the “Islams”:

Sunny holocaust

Officials in France believe the Islamic State, a minority terrorist group in Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries, is responsible. They follow a militant Salafi/Wahhabi version of Islam that the majority of the Muslim world reject. In fact since their inception Muslims or “Islams” have been the Islamic State’s primary victims.

After she was overwhelmingly called out for her ignorant comments, the nude cam girl “apologized”:

Ok ok… I do apologize if I offended anyone by my post last night.. It was made in jest. What I do not apologize for is my own off-color sense of humor and outspoken ways… Baby, I was born this way…. And nothing is going to change that. What you see is what you get.

If you all can’t take my posts as what they are, mostly joking, as all my posts are… Then GET OFF MY PAGE ALREADY!! For cryin out loud!!! Unfriend yourself and make room for people who matter!!!

Attention haters…. Please feel free to unfriend me, block me, etc. I won’t hurt my feelings one bit…. In fact, I welcome it, so I can add people who really matter to my Facebook friends list. People who appreciate my freedom of thought and my off-color sense of humor. I will never change, so you might as well just go away. Mmm-Kay??

If all of you can get so butt hurt over MY Facebook statuses, it’s really sad that your daily life revolves around that , and not something a little more important… Like making a living? Your family? Your own life??

Muslims across the world have been using the hashtag #NotInMyName to reconfirm the distinction between regular Muslims and those that hide behind Islam for their terror.