Submission Sorority’s New Name Revealed, Hulk Faces Jail? Undertaker Update


Submission Sorority To Be Called PCB

WWE have officially revealed the new name of the Submission Sorority to be PCB (no not PCP). This reflects the initials of members Paige, Charlotte and Becky. As noted the other day WWE didn’t realize that Submission and Sorority are popular porn terms, and there’s even a porn series called the Submission Sorority.

Speaking of name changes NXT Diva KC Cassidy is now being called Peyton Royce, Jessie McKay is Billie Kay, and The Rock’s relation Lina Fanene is now being called Nia Jax.

Hulk Hogan Faces Jail Time

According to the National Enquirer Hulk Hogan could face jail time for making conflicting statements to the FBI and under oath in his ongoing sex tape lawsuit against Gawker.

Depending on which statement is true (if any), he could face either perjury or obstruction of justice.

The Undertaker Added To RAW

The Undertaker is now being advertised alongside Brock Lesnar for the pre-Summerslam episode of RAW on August 17th at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is Lesnar’s home town, so the crowd reaction will be interesting.