Sting On Being Late To WWE, New Adam Rose Gimmick, WWE Want Jay Lethal?

Sting WWE

Does Sting Have Regrets?

Sting has been doing the media rounds this week to hype his return to the ring against Seth Rollins. One talking point was joining WWE so late in his career. Speaking with the Houston Chronicle the legend said:

Quite honestly, I never thought it would happen, that I’d be in the WWE, but here I am. Whether I was right or wrong, I made a decision to stay with another group that came to the table with everything I was asking for. I stayed apart from WWE, and I was fine. This year, I figured it was time.

Sting also told Rolling Stone:

After 30 years, I’ve learned to really appreciate the fans and the wrestlers and everybody in the whole industry a lot more. I held off on doing [public appearances] until WWE, and now I’m picking and choosing some things that I’m doing here and there, Comic-Cons and whatever. And the fans are so respectful, so there’s a much higher level of appreciation now than there ever was.

There’s so many new, young, incredibly talented people – Seth being the best, I believe, as far as creativity and innovation in the ring. So you just can’t get much better than this. It’s just the nature of our business. Everything is always subject to change, and you never know what’s gonna happen next. It was unexpected for me too, but again, the door opened, and I chose to walk through it.

Another Adam Rose Gimmick

Adam Rose has tested out several new gimmicks in recent months, though it seems the “Party Pooper” is the one WWE are going with. This is essentially the opposite of his original main roster gimmick.

WWE Interested In ROH Star?

ROH star Jay Lethal said he hasn’t personally heard anything about WWE being interested in signing him when asked by Channel Guide Magazine:

I’ll say also if that is true, I’m honored. To be wanted in professional wrestling, that’s all a wrestler can really ask for. Just to be wanted, it’s a great feeling. So if that’s true, I’m honored. I haven’t heard anything about that myself. Would you work for WWE? I’ve answered this question before. To me the answer is still the same. When I became a fan, it was because I watched the WWF as a fan growing up,” said Lethal. It helped create this love growing up that I have for professional wrestling, much like everyone from my era. All the guys I’ve wrestled today. To say it wouldn’t be cool to work with or for the company that helped create my love for professional wrestling, I would say that I was lying. So given the chance and if the timing was right, sure I would definitely work for or with them. I got to say by the same token, I’m on cloud 9 right now. I’m undisputed champion of a company that’s known around the world. Not for its storylines, music or entrance. I’m the world champion of a company known around the world for its wrestling. What an honor to get to say that.