Sting Wants JR To Call Last Match, Cena Update, Cesaro Injured? Hogan Shoots On Bret

Sting Jim Ross

Sting Wants Jim Ross To Call Final Match

In a recent episode of the Ross Report Sting said he wanted JR to call his last match:

“If I could have anyone on the face of this Earth to call my last match, it would be Jim Ross. If I get my way, if I get what I want, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Sting then joked to JR:

“You can’t say ‘the young kid from Venice Beach’ anymore, though. You’ll have to be more creative.”

Cena Not Taking Time Off

It’s believed that John Cena won’t be taking any time off after hurting his neck in a match with Kevin Owens over the weekend. Although trainers came out, he continued the match and word backstage was that it was only a temporary issue. Cena Tweeted:

Cesaro Has Injured Ribs?

Cesaro has been working matches with his ribs taped this week. It’s believed he suffered a minor rib injury during RAW.

Hulk Hogan Says Bret Is Out of Line

In a little bit or irony Hulk Hogan is chastising Bret Hart about his “words.”

During a Q&A on the Periscope app Hart said that Hogan is probably happy Roddy Piper died because his passing distracted people from his scandal. Hogan responded:

WWE Acknowledges Johnny Ace Engagement

In what is being taken as a half rib, WWE have acknowledged the engagement of John Laurinaitis and the Bella Twins’ mom on

“As revealed on the Instagram account of the mother of The Bella Twins, Kathy Colace, former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is now the future stepfather of Nikki and Brie — and father-in-law of Daniel Bryan. The happy couple celebrated their engagement over dinner with Nikki and John Cena, who Laurinaitis battled — and defeated — at WWE Over the Limit 2012. Leave it to the lovely Bella women to get two old rivals to put down their swords and pick up their wine glasses.”