Steve Austin Done With WWE, Headbangers WWE Status, Kofi Kingston In Hospital?

Steve Austin wrestlemania

Steve Austin’s Network Contract Expires

According to the Wrestling Observer Steve Austin’s contract to produce WWE Network content – i.e. his video podcasts – has expired and for now he has no more ties with the company.

Although Austin’s shows were highly rated, Dave Meltzer speculates that the awkward episode with Dean Ambrose and the fact that the Hall of Famer commands a high payday is the reason he wasn’t re-signed.

Mosh Discusses WWE Status

Headbanger Mosh reiterated that he and Thrasher are not with WWE. “The status right now is that there is none. If they call and ask if we are available than we will see if we are available. There have been zero talks of any kind of permanent thing to come back,” he told the Two Man Power Trip this week.

“It was left as the door is wide open and that you guys did good business and helped out the younger talent. I had emailed Hunter about possibly doing some NXT stuff and he said that door is possibly open for down the road. I think Glenn and I can contribute in the ring and I think we have shown that but at the same time we have a lot of knowledge we can pass on to some of the younger talent as well. Outside of that I got to do what I wanted to do and have my son see me wrestle up there once and he got to see it three times. I only have one thing left on my bucket list to do and that is a trip to Japan.”

Kofi Kingston Having Procedure Done?

Big E. posted a photo on Twitter today of Kofi Kingston in what appears to be a hospital bed. There was no elaboration on what procedure (if any) Kingston is undergoing, nor if he is injured in the typical sense.