Sin Cara Knocks Out Jericho Backstage? Hogan At WrestleMania? Daniel Bryan Hall of Fame

Sin Cara Chris Jericho

Jericho & Sin Cara Involved In Real Fight

Consider Sin Cara added to “the list” following rumors that he knocked Chris Jericho out in a fight over the weekend. The WWE Superstars have been over in England, which always seems to bring the worst out in everyone (see the plane ride from hell).

Insider Justin LaBar broke the news on Twitter, noting the incident involved a repeat offender.

Both Y2J and Hunico/Cara have both had multiple fights backstage before, with Jericho most recently confronting Brock Lesnar over the ending to his match with Randy Orton at Summerslam, and Cara taking out Simon Gotch.

In fact Cara is rumored to have been in so many scuffles that it’s a running joke to “try” him. It seems Jericho tried him and got his ass handed back.

MLW Radio joked on Twitter:

Neither star has been publicly punished and they both wrestled their schedules as normal. Despite the “real” nature of the incident, there doesn’t seem to be a major issue and it can probably be chalked up to roughhousing.

UPDATE: Chris Jericho bit Sin Cara’s finger?

Hulk Hogan At WrestleMania 33?

With the controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan dying down, the logical speculation turns to his relationship with WWE. TMZ recently caught up with the Hulkster’s daughter Brooke, and she claimed WWE has been in contact about her father appearing at WrestleMania 33 from Orlando.

Hogan lost his WWE deal in July last year when racist comments he made during a sex tape were leaked by Gawker. This month he settled for $31 million in damages.

Who Would Induct Daniel Bryan?

There’s no doubt that as the leader of the Yes! Movement and perhaps the most beloved WWE star of recent times, Daniel Bryan has a Hall of Fame induction in his future. But who would induct him? In a recent interview with Ringside Collectibles he said he’s personally like his close friend and mentor William Regal to do the honors, with Kane coming in close second.

It should be noted that there have been no rumors of Bryan being inducted next year, but they could easily follow the Edge formula and get him in sooner than later.

During the interview Bryan also said if he could pick anyone from NXT to come to SmackDown LIVE it would be Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.