Sin Cara Also Not Happy About Poster, Bischoff Praises Brock vs Goldberg, Booker T On Undertaker

Sin Cara Left Off WWE Mexico Poster

It started with Cesaro being left off the WWE poster for the Switzerland tour, now Sin Cara has been left off the poster for the Mexico tour and is also annoyed. He wrote the following on Twitter:

“When I can’t be on the poster for the show in my country.”

Bischoff Says WWE Hit Home Run

In his latest podcast Eric Bischoff says WWE hit a home run with the Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg match at Survivor Series. He rated it 8/10 and said it had “Story, Anticipation, Reality, Surprise and Action (SARSA) … They had four out of those five story elements really well nailed going into the PPV. The fifth one was the element of surprise … By checking all five of those SARSA boxes, I think they delivered a home run and I think it’s going to generate some big business for them.”

Booker T On Undertaker’s Status

Booker T was asked about the in-ring status of the Undertaker in a recent Q&A on his podcast:

He’s battle-tested, bruised, he’s battered, and he [has] been out of the game for quite some time. And he [has] been in the WWE for over 20 years solid. This guy [has] been in all of the big matches as far as the Hell In A Cell, every match you could possibly, exactly, you could think of, Undertaker has been there. And the thing is, he [has] held up. He has gone in there and he [has] pulled it off each and every year he’s asked to go out and perform and I commend Undertaker for that. But I tell you, there’s going to be a day Undertaker has to lay down and say, ‘I’m done with it’. There’s going to be that time when he goes into that casket and closes the lid on the career.

Who’s to say how long he can go? The mind can push the body so much further than you actually can imagine it can go. And I think that’s what The Undertaker is dealing with right now. I just saw him on Tuesday at SmackDown and The Undertaker is alive and well. He’s up and walking. And I think as long as The Undertaker is alive and well and up and walking, we’re going to continue to see him at WrestleMania do his thing.” Booker T added, “and the thing is he [has] had his injuries. Everybody knows it. He [has] gone through surgeries after surgeries after surgeries. Exactly and I just saw him and the thing is, I was talking to him about WrestleMania and he goes, ‘hey man, I could have got it worked on a little bit more, but I got to be there for the big show.