Should WWE Drop Divas Term? New Jericho Book, Happy Bday Steph, ECW In 2K16

WWE Ivory Divas

Are they Divas or Wrestlers?

Off the back of the “Divas Revolution” people are beginning to ponder whether the term Divas should be dropped. Mick Foley noted on Facebook that he thinks “the time will be right soon,” to go back to calling them women’s wrestlers or just superstars.

Former Women’s Champion Ivory said she never liked the Divas term in the latest episode of “Table For 3” on the Network. She says it should only be applied to “prissy women.”

Of course the term Divas was born out of the branding for the Attitude Era, though the Divas title came many years later. It seems unlikely that they’ll make the change while Total Divas is still on the air.

Chris Jericho Writing Another Book

Chris Jericho has been given the greenlight to write yet another autobiography. Since he’s covered most of his wrestling career it will be interesting to see where he takes it.

Vince Wishes Steph Happy Birthday

Stephanie McMahon who turns 39 years old today was wished happy birthday on Twitter by Vince:

Speaking of Steph she accepted Jon Stewart’s challenge to dance for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and has challenged the whole WWE Universe:

Long Haired Austin In WWE 2K16

For the first time in video game history long haired Steve Austin will be featured in WWE 2K16, but not Hollywood Blonde Austin … ECW Austin! And Joey Styles is calling the action:

Austin vs Whipwreck will be one of the matches in Showcase Mode.