Shelton’s Return Imminent, Axxess Video Tour, WWE HOF To Be Downsized?

Shelton Benjamin WWE return

Shelton Benjamin Cleared To Wrestle

Shelton Benjamin announced on Twitter today that he is cleared to wrestle after 9 months rehabbing a torn rotator cuff. This implies his WWE return is imminent, as the former Intercontinental Champion signed a new deal in July 2016 but never made it to TV before the injury.

Benjamin was originally slated for the SmackDown Live! brand, so his return could be as soon as Tuesday.

Full Tour of WrestleMania Axxess

Triple H and Stephanie streamed their annual tour of WrestleMania Axxess today on Facebook. The power couple walk fans through the full collection of props, memorabilia and attractions that fans will be able to experience.

This year Ric Flair will be getting the bronze statue treatment. The unveiling will take place this evening at Axxess with Flair himself, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Hall of Fame Inductees To Be Reduced?

WWE are considering reducing the number of Hall of Fame inductees next year according to Jerry Lawler. He noted on his Dinner with the King podcast that the event runs too long and the company struggle with keeping the legends within their allotted time. Instead of tightly controlling speeches, The King believes they may just induct less people.

This would also help buffer the problem of running out of Hall of Fame worthy inductees.