Sheamus Birthday Photo, Corbin Wants Undertaker, Will Angle Wrestle? Ambrose Interview

Sheamus birthday

Superstars Celebrate With Sheamus

As seen below Sheamus celebrated his 39th birthday with Jinder Mahal and former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett:

Happy Birthday Brother! @wwesheamus !!! #framily #webefam Thanks again @kbuck001 for making this happen!

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Corbin Wants To Punch Undertaker

Baron Corbin continues to call out the Undertaker. In an interview with Go San Angelo to promote Royal Rumble, he said: “I’d like the chance to stand in the ring and punch the Undertaker in the face.”

JR On Kurt Angle Wrestling

Jim Ross discussed whether he thinks Kurt Angle will wrestle again in WWE in a recent appearance on the Straight Shooters Podcast:

“I saw him in England in October. He had a match and looked great. I can see him having a match here and there. Nobody can debate the fact if Kurt Angle can have a match. Of course he can have a match. The issue is how often do you want to saddle him up and run him back out the track and take him back to the barn and bring him back out. I just don’t see the money in that. I see a one-off deal at best. And call it a day. He doesn’t owe anybody four more matches or six more matches or anything. I think that he could have a big match if it was made that way, a significant match for WWE. A one-off deal. But if that doesn’t happen, I wrote about this on my blog on my website, I think that it’s important that we honor his career and not the fact about making this whole thing about one more match.”

Is Dean Ambrose Overlooked?

Talking with the LA Times, Dean Ambrose discussed being overlooked as a potential Royal Rumble winner:

“That’s part of the reason for my success. You’ve got all these dinosaurs roaming the land, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, the Wyatts and all these guys and I kind of fly under the radar. That’s what happened last year. All these top-heavy guys are tipping over the top rope and I’m just hanging on like a cockroach. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, you know? I might just play a game and tie myself to the bottom rope and try to be inconspicuous until it gets down to the last couple of guys.”