Shane Training With ECW Star, Sunny Shoots On Edge and Christian, Roadblock Poster, Titus Not At Wrestlemania

Tommy Dreamer Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon Training With Tommy Dreamer

It looks like Shane McMahon’s in-ring training is being done with Tommy Dreamer:

Sunny Upset Over Network Show

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was not happy about being mocked at the closing of Edge and Christian’s Network show this week.

Today’s episode is paid for by the following: If you’re feeling itchy or feeling twitchy, turn to Sunny’s Miracle Drops. Side effects may include erratic behavior, cake fancer and multiple DUIs.

[Maybe I’m missing something but does ‘Cake Fancer’ mean fake cancer? Ouch!]

WWE Roadblock Promo Poster

Here is the promotional poster for WWE’s March 12th Roadblock special, from Toronto:

Titus O’Neil Tweets

Titus O’Neil’s suspension will indeed carry through Wrestlemania, as he reminded Scott Hall on Twitter: