Shane and Ryder’s Survivor Series Gear, Enzo’s Name, Charlotte On Being Booed

Shane McMahon Survivor Series

What Stars Are Wearing Tonight

Shane McMahon and Zack Ryder have both got some special gear for tonight’s Survivor Series PPV. Check it out below:

How Enzo Got His Name

In a recent interview with the Post and Courier, Enzo Amore discussed how he got his name:

“My name is an acronym for EA [Eric Arndt] — EA All Day. It’s a persona that I developed over the years in sports as a caricature of myself. On the field, in practice, in the weight room, I was just a character and a personality. If you remember watching The Miz at the time when he was on ‘Real World,’ he was a character known as The Miz. He always wanted to get into sports entertainment as did I. In a very similar likeness, I was EA All Day. So that acronym EA is where Enzo Amore came from.”

Enzo also shared his fandom for Shawn Michaels:

“I lived, ate, breathed, slept Shawn Michaels. I wouldn’t call it pro wrestling back in the day when I was a kid. I just called it Shawn Michaels.”

Charlotte On Being A Heel

Charlotte discussed whether being a heel can make you feel bad in a new interview with the Orlando Sentinel this week:

“If they’re not booing then I’m not doing a good job. I like it, whether they’re cheering or booing it’s still a reaction and my role on the main roster is to be a bad guy. If they aren’t booing I feel like I’m not doing my job well.”

The Women’s Champion also discussed the transition from Divas:

“I don’t really think about it on a daily basis, but it’s nice to be looked at as ‘Oh, she’s a female wrestler. Oh, she’s a wrestler.’ And I think that’s a positive image to little girls, that they can be anything that they want to be, and I hope that’s what I stand for. Other than being mean. Being tough, strong, intelligent, independent, and that’s what I hope I stand for and I hope that’s what the audience sees.”