Shane’s First Return Interview, Christopher Daniels Wants To Be In WWE, Paul Bearer Ring Was Fake?

Shane McMahon interview

Shane McMahon Discusses Return

Shane McMahon gave his first interview since returning to WWE during yesterday’s Michael Kay Show in New York. Here are some highlights:

– He was truly humbled by the crowd response when his music hit.

– There’s some truth to the idea that he did extra crazy spots to prove to the wrestlers that he wasn’t just being given the spotlight because he’s Vince’s son and was willing to put his body on the line.

– Part of the reason for having another match is so his sons can see him live.

– He’s training multiple times a day to get in ring shape, and will definitely be going ahead with it.

– Right now he’s focussed on performing but will “see what happens” regarding the business side of WWE.

– At times there has been real friction between him Vince and Stephanie.

Daniels Wishes WWE Signed Him

In a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated Christopher Daniels admits that he wishes WWE had signed him when he was younger.

If WWE had softened their perception of the independent scene five years earlier than they did, maybe that would have been me. When I got to TNA in 2010, their attitude seemed to be very set against that idea. At the same time, too, I feel like at the time when I might have been most appealing to the WWE in terms of character and in terms of connection I had made with the fans, I was under contract with TNA. So, to me the bad thing about it was just timing. There’s nothing you can do to change that. For me to dwell on that would just be a useless exercise in futility. I’m bummed out about it, but at the same time, I’m content where I’m at.

‘It Was A Fake Ring’ Says Bearer’s Son

As previously noted a WWE Hall of Fame ring purported to be Paul Bearer’s was featured on Wednesday’s episode of the Pawn Stars reality show. Bearer’s son Daniel Moody revealed on social media that not only was the show a work but the ring shown wasn’t even real.