Scott Hall’s Son Hospitalized, Shane’s Sons Chant BS, Sin Cara vs Restaurant

Cody Hall injured

Cody Hall Stretchered

Scott Hall’s son Cody was stretchered out after a spot at Saturday night’s NJPW Invasion Attack. Hall took the full force of Nick Jackson’s crowd dive and is believed to have been knocked out.

Despite being hospitalized he’s not believed to have suffered any broken bones or a concussion:

Speaking of Invasion Attack, Kenny Omega took a shot at Wrestlemania:

Clip of Shane’s Sons At NXT

Shane McMahon’s sons were just as in to the “BS” and “F*uck PG” chants as the regular fans at TakeOver Dallas, according to video footage that emerged this week. They were in the crowd along with Linda and Stephanie for a portion of the show. Linda didn’t seem too amused and Stephanie was doing her “I’m one of the people” faces like an embarrassing mom.

Sin Cara Twitter Beef With Restaurant

WWE’s Sin Cara was involved in a heated exchange with the Mesa Street Grill on Twitter, after what he claims was terrible service. The restaurant claims the masked star came in unnaounced with a large party and was annoyed when he couldn’t be accommodated.

Blue Pants Injured

NXT alumni Blue Pants broke her ankle over the weekend:

Owens Thanks Fans

Bret Hart Calls IC Ladder Match Stupid

Bret Hart continues to rip on WrestleMania, even calling the IC Title ladder match ‘stupid’ and a spot-fest:

It’s just a prop match. That’s all it was. Just a bunch of stupid spots with the ladders where people are hitting each other and doing stupid stuff with the spots. I know there’s a lot of hard bumps in there. I never thought any of it made any sense. There were times when guys were walking up the ladder, climbing up the ladder, like at a snail’s pace waiting for someone to come pull them down. Then of course when Zack Ryder won it he just whips up the ladder like it’s nothing. I was really disappointed with the whole thing.

When I think about what the ladder match means to me and some of the great ladder matches I had, not so much in WWF but up here in Stampede Wrestling with my Dad. I would say it’s easily the best match on the card, really good ladder match but it’s become a farce. I remember when I came to Chief Jay Strongbow years ago when I was in WWF. When I first started I said, “I have this idea for a ladder match and I’d like to talk to Vince about it.” I remember Chief Jay goes, “What is that? A Tennessee Town Killer Match?” I said, “No, it’s a really good idea.” I remember telling him the whole idea and he said, “That’s a Tennessee Town Killer Match.” You know what? That’s what that match I watched at WrestleMania was. It was a Tennessee Town Killer Match.