Scott Hall Enters Rehab After Drinking Binge

Scott Hall rehab

Scott Hall has entered a detox/rehab facility after “falling off the wagon” and going on a drinking binge. He revealed the news on Twitter and said that he’s “on the mend.”

Although his well publicised time with DDP at the “accountability crib” painted a hopeful picture, even Hall alluded in media interviews at the time that addiction is always an uphill battle and that he was taking each day as it comes. Anything from stress to a break in a daily routine, to anxiety, to getting cut off in traffic can cause somebody to revert back to old habits. Being thrust back in to the limelight, getting a Hall of Fame induction, new appearances, and possible WWE job offers, are all potential triggers for Hall’s alcoholism. As is the post-honeymoon period when all of that fame died back down and he was simply left with his own idle thoughts again.

It’s not clear what his current status is with DDP, but the guru himself seemed to accept that there will be stumbles along the way. When TMZ caught up with him last month he said:

“Scott is going through a life process. He’s stumbled along the way, but he is doing well overall. I’ve got his back. Even Jake ‘The Snake’ has fallen a few times, but he is now one year sober and doing great.”

News first emerged that Hall was drinking again when a promoter in New Jersey said the former NWO member was too drunk to fulfil his obligations. He was then removed from Jeff Jarrett’s GFW roster page. That’s an interesting move considering such issues were not taken in to account during TNA’s early days. It certainly shows how far the decision makers in the industry have come.

Going at it alone without DDP’s immediate oversight was always going to be a challenge, but I hope he keeps fighting the good fight!